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4 Fiber Diffuser

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4 Fiber Diffuser

Fiber optic diffuser optimized for simple and affordable dental photography

1. Light & trouble-fre

- Light, trouble-free and affordable subsidiary luminous system for dental cameras

2. New product compatible with Canon and Nikon

- Compatible with both Canon and Nikon products by modifying the existing hot shoe

3. Affordable configuration with materials for DIY

- DIY materials for crafty people to install diffusers at an affordable price

4. No worries about damage of diffuser

- Replaceable parts to ease worries about broken diffusers

5. Two options for lens/hood length and filming environment

- Guide ring type used by connecting the lens hood and guide ring & Guide clip type used by directly attaching the guide clip

 TYPE 1. Guide Ring Type

 Basic type used by inserting the fiber optic ring into the lens hood 

TYPE 2. Guide Clip Type

Type used by directly installing the guide clip on the straight metal hood (not included) when it is inconvenient to shoot due to long lens and lens hood